We combine the beauty of Japanese fabrics and the amazing quality of Japanese manufacture with classic British design to create our ranges of stunning clothing and homeware.




The products in our Black Label range are made with vintage Japanese silk. We buy vintage kimono and obi from all over Japan and our designers decide how best to take advantage of the pattern and workmanship in each unique piece. Kimono are made using techniques that don't exist anywhere else in the world, some of which are now lost even in Japan. It could take up to three months to make a single bolt of kimono fabric using various methods of dying, painting and embroidery and in Japan kimono are valued as works of art. Since there is only enough fabric in a kimono to make one of our designs, many of our clients like to choose a fabric and a design that they love and have their own, unique creation custom made in their size. If you would like to see our full range of fabrics please contact us at sales@vintagekimonos.co.uk




The products in our White Label range are made with gorgeous Japanese cottons, which have very distinctive patterns and colours (the most well known of which is the indigo shade used in our homeware range). If you want to turn your favourite jeans into a talking point or create your own bedspread please take a look at our "Custom ordering" page to see what is possible.