Here are answers to some common questions regarding our company, our products and our shop.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us at

Why are your fabrics so special?

Japanese fabrics are made by master craftsmen using a variety of techniques handed down through generations. These include yuzen dyeing, where parts of the fabric are masked with rice paste, the fabric is dyed, the masking removed and the process repeated to create gorgeous patterns. Another form of textile art is shibori, in which tiny sections are knotted in a repeating pattern across the bolt of silk. The fabric is then dyed, the result being an delicate and highly prized texture. Embroidery on Japanese fabrics is very intricate. Often, embroidered areas include gold or silver threads which, since they are quite thick, are laid on top of the fabric and stitched in place with fine silk threads. Some fabric is hand painted, and gold leaf applied using a technique called surihaku. It can take months to make a single bolt of kimono fabric and kimonos made by "living national treasures" are valued as works of art. 

How old are the vintage fabrics that you use?

Some of the fabrics that we use are more than 80 years old. That means that many of them have been hand made using a variety of traditional techniques. It also inevitably means that some of them show signs of age and wear but we believe that this doesn't detract from their spectacular beauty.

Do you sell kimonos?

Yes! Please see our 'Kimonos as Art' section above

My item has some slightly faded patches. Can I return it?

Please see our Terms and conditions for information on returns.

I got my product and I love it!  Can I have another one the same?

We are delighted to hear that you are happy with your purchase! Our Black Label products are all made using vintage fabrics. In Japan, these are made in very small quantities (enough for one kimono or one obi) and so all of our products are completely unique. If you like a particular colour or style please contact us at and we will do our best to source something similar.

I like the style of one bag, but the design of another. Can I custom order?

Yes!  We love to take custom orders.  Please see our custom ordering page.

Do you offer gift wrapping?

Our orders are carefully wrapped in Japanese tissue (washi) paper and then in a plastic bag for protection, so are perfect for gift giving already.