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At Vintage Kimonos we combine the elegance, style and precision of classic British tailoring with the ultimate luxury of Japanese antique silk. We carefully deconstruct vintage Japanese kimonos and use the silk to make ladies and gentlemen's couture pieces, bespoke bags and homeware. We design each unique piece so that the fabulous patterns and workmanship of the fabric are showcased to the best advantage. 

Our designers are experts at creating pieces that accentuate the best parts of your figure. We understand what suits you and we design for real women, not for the catwalk. 

We help you look your absolute best.  

ishinomaki 1.JPG


Vintage Kimonos was started by a British designer who has been living in Japan for nearly 30 years. She has spent most of those years collecting kimono and learning how they are made. She is not yet an expert!

Our first workshop was set up in Ishinomaki, a town which was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. It is a privilege to continually learn from the artisans who work there. 

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We travel all over Japan to find the stunning kimonos that we use to create our collections.  We look for specific types of silk (particularly chirimen and other very fine silks that are not made any more). 

 We also look for patterns that have been created using a combination of traditional techniques. On our travels we have found spectacular examples of yuzen dyeing, shibori, jacquard, kinsai kako and couching. 

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We strive to design clothes, accessories and homeware that are timeless, elegant and stylish. For each unique piece, we create a design perfect for the drape and pattern of the fabric that we are using.

Our designers select fabrics from our collection and then work with our pattern makers and cutters to ensure that each pattern element on the fabric is positioned exactly as we want it. Since the fabric we are working with is only 35cm wide, it requires huge patience and expertise to achieve the perfect result.

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The pride that Japanese artisans take in the products that they make is legendary. Our designers, tailors, pattern makers and seamstresses have the expertise and skills, honed over many years, to make each of our unique products a masterpiece. 

We treasure the antique fabrics that we use and want our customers all over the world to appreciate them as much as we do. We want to make heirlooms that you will love and future generations will cherish.

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For each piece that we make, we plan every detail with great care. In particular, if the kimono that we are using has Kamon (Japanese family crests), we try to incorporate them in to our design since these are an important part of the history of the kimono. 

We also try to showcase other pattern elements that are significant in Japanese art, such as cranes (which represent longevity and good fortune) and seasonal motifs. 

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We take great care to ensure that every hand-finished button hole, pleat and hem are perfect.  We are the antithesis of fast fashion - we take our time to make unique and classic pieces that are timeless and beautiful.

We try our best to do justice to the skill and dedication of the artists that created the spectacular fabrics that made Japanese kimonos.

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